Since forming The Chase Co-Operative Learning Trust, the school has became its own admission authority. We are, however still part of the Local Authority that manages our admissions applications. Please follow the links below for further details.

Admission Arrangements

Secondary school application forms are now available to complete and parents can complete applications online here.

Primary application forms are now available and can also be completed online here:

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Admissions Policy

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If parents move house during the school year or wish to change schools, you can complete an online application and find out information on how to find local schools. Please click here for further information:

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Proposed Admission Policy

Consultation on proposed admission arrangements for 2021/2022

Consultation on proposed admission arrangements 2021/2022

In accordance with the DfE’s School Admissions Code, Moorhill Primary wishes to hear your views on its proposed admission arrangements for September 2021 intake.

The consultation schedule is as follows:

Consultation period –16th December 2019 consecutive period ending on 31 January 2020
Policy determined by – 28 February 2020
Policy published – 15 March 2020

Proposed change – addition of Priority for Children Previously in Care Outside England

Some time ago, the then School Standards Minister wrote to all Admission Authorities stating the government’s intention to amend the Code to include children who were previously looked after outside England equal priority with children who are looked after or were previously looked after in England (who are currently required to be given highest priority). The Minister asked Admission Authorities to consider giving second priority to children previously looked after outside England (following consultation) in the interim period.

As a result of this, it is proposed to give second priority to children who were previously looked after outside England in the admission arrangements for the September 2021 intake.

Admission Policy 2020/2021