Top Attendance

Each week, a class is named as the ‘Top Attendance’ class. This year, each class named will receive an extra break time; for Reception through to Year Four, this will involve using the new equipment on Key Stage One. For Years Five and Six, other fun activities are planned.

Attendance has greatly improved over the last year. By July 2016, the overall percentage for attendance was 95.9% – just short of our 96% target. We will continue to strive to meet 96% this year.

Thank you to parents for your continued support with raising attendance and, in turn, raising achievement.

Rewarding Good Attendance

Good attendance is highly important for us – the more your children are in school, the more they will learn and the more they will achieve. Your children receive certificates and rewards throughout the school year, for achieving 96%+ attendance. Many children were pleased to receive special certificates and prizes during our end of term Prize Days, for reaching 96+% every half term. Some children even achieved 100% across the whole year – fantastic!


Mrs Andrews, our Every Child Matters Coordinator, works with parents to improve attendance; if you need any support with this, you are welcome to make an appointment via the school office.

Due to recent legislation, we are not able to authorise any holidays during term time. As a school, we are obliged to inform you that you may be subject to a Penalty Notice if your child’s absence from school is unauthorised. This is in line with the Local Authority’s Code of Conduct.

Penalty Notice

The Penalty Notice fine would be:

  • £60 per parent, per child if paid within 21 days
  • £120 per parent, per child if paid between 21-28 days

If the fine is not paid within 28 days you may be prosecuted under S444.1 of the Education Act 1996. If the prosecution takes place, the maximum fine is £1,000 per parent, per child. This reflects the seriousness of unauthorised absence from school.

School Closures

Parents will be informed about Inset Days and Polling Days via this website, Newsletters and Texts.

To find out more about our closures, please visit the School Closures page.

School Closures