Early Reading & Writing

Early Reading & Writing
at Moorhill Primary


At Moorhill, we want children to learn to read and write quickly and accurately and to then keep on reading and writing. We use the Read Write Inc programme, as it teaches children to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. For children at Moorhill, getting reading fluency right is key to success in later years and aids the development of comprehension. They learn to form each letter, spell correctly, and put together their ideas step-by-step, alongside developing their writing for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.’

Read Write Inc covers the key aims of reading and writing as set out in the National curriculum.

RWI and the curriculum

At Moorhill, we have clear expectations of how the children should progress throughout the school year. The tables below show the expected levels for YR-Y2 at the end of each term:

  • Autumn term

  • Spring term

  • Summer term


During a RWI lesson children learn a new sound and review previously taught sounds. Children read real and nonsense words to practise their decoding and blending skills. They then apply their phonic knowledge to the spelling of words. The children then read a text matching their assessed level, answer questions, proofread sentences for mistakes, hold sentences and write them independently and complete writing activities.

The children who make the slowest progress in RWI lessons will receive ‘Fast Track Tutoring’ to make progress. This breaks down the phonics and reading strands of Read Write Inc. phonics into smaller steps to accelerate children’s reading progress. It does not include the handwriting, spelling and writing activities found in the full programme, as tutoring time is limited to 20 minutes per child. It provides intensive, targeted support to address specific gaps in a child’s reading. Some children will only need a few weeks’ tutoring. Others may need a term. Those with significant learning difficulties may need much longer.

Children take reading books home that are appropriately matched to their Read Write Inc level. The books that the children read provide the opportunity for them to practise their developing skills and knowledge.

Every class has story-time each day to promote reading for pleasure and enables the children to see their teachers as readers.


At Moorhill our aim is for children to have graduated from the RWInc programme by the end of summer half term in Year 2. This means that Read Write Inc will no longer be needed. However identified Year 2 and KS2 children who still require further support with phonics, will continue to access Read Write Inc.

The Read Write Inc programme will supplement the pupil outcomes in Year 1 when they take the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check. At Moorhill we aim to be at least matching the national outcomes whereby 82% of children are expected to pass the test and surpass them.

As the children are seeing their teachers as readers, we hope that the children learn to love reading and enjoy listening to and joining in with many different types of text. They will be able to confidently read texts that are in line with their phonics knowledge.

As they continue their reading journey the children at Moorhill will broaden their understanding and vocabulary, enabling them to become lifelong readers.