At Moorhill Primary School, we believe that every learner should leave our school with the necessary skills to read accurately, fluently and with understanding in order to achieve success throughout their adult life. They see reading as key to their success and engage with it enthusiastically, reading for pleasure and information. They use the new vocabulary acquired through reading in context to support their communication with the wider world. They demonstrate a deep understanding of what they have read and are able to articulate why authors have crafted texts in a particular way, understanding how this affects them as a reader, enabling them to read critically in a world of increasing information.


Guided reading structure for Year 3 to Year 6


As a result of teaching reading in this way, it is expected that learners will:

  • Make excellent progress from their starting points.
  • Develop the full range of reading skills and apply these in different contexts.
  • Utilise reading skills independently, knowing when and why to use each.
  • Be fluent in their reading and read with understanding.
  • Respond to questions with high-levels of articulation.
  • Deepen their reading skills regularly.
  • Access reading tests with the confidence to succeed.