Miss Edwards
(Teacher in RKE)

Miss Stanford
(Teacher in RAS/MF)

Mrs. Fellows
(Teacher in RAS/MF)

Mrs Blundell
(Teaching Assistant)

Miss Abberley
(Teaching Assistant)

Mrs. Gould

(Teaching Assistant)

Spring Term 2022

As we move into our second term in Reception, we continue to build on the skills and knowledge we have developed in the autumn term.

We will learn and practise skills using the following themes as inspiration...

  • Winter
  • Weather
  • Chinese New Year
  • Supertato stories
  • Spring
  • Life Cycles
  • Minibeasts
  • Habitats

In Reception we continue to teach Phonics through Ruth Miskin's Read, Write, Inc (RWI).

Click on the buttons to find out more about how we teach RWI at school and how you can help at home.

We are beginning to learn some tricky words. In RWI we call them RED words, and we teach the children the rule...

'If it's RED you can't FRED'

This means the children have to just learn these words on sight as you can not blend them like the other words. Some of these words are only red for a while until the children learn alternative spelling patterns.

Let your child join in with this song to help them remember some of the first tricky red words.

Tricky Word Song

Remember to check daily on our Class Dojo page for updates on your child's learning and ways to support at home.

We use the Go Read app to log your child's reading. Make sure you download the app and sign in with the details given by school. It is important to listen to your child read on a daily basis and for them to repeat the same texts over again, as this builds up their blending skills.