School Values

School Aims

To provide a broad, balanced curriculum that enables our pupils to make good progress in all areas of learning.

To provide a safe and secure environment in which children can learn.

To provide a positive and consistent behaviour system that enables our pupils to develop resilience and strategies to succeed.

To promote effective communications between school and the community.

To provide opportunities for each child to achieve his / her maximum potential through high quality teacher, learning and assessment.

To develop an appreciation of, and sense of, responsibility for the natural world and the environment.

To contribute to the physical development of each pupil and promote a positive attitude towards health and fitness.

To establish high levels of attendance and promote punctuality.

To promote the essential values of mutual respect, collaboration, tolerance, resilience, effective communication and positive relationships.

To promote high self-esteem and pride in our own achievements.

To ensure individual development for everyone in our school community.

To promote an understanding of diversity within our school, local and global community.

Value of the Month

Our values for 2017 will be published below each month:

November 2017


British Values