Meet Our Team

Mrs S. Sindrey - Headteacher

Mrs. C. Snowden - Deputy Headteacher & Leader of Learning Year 4

Miss K. Edwards - Leader of Learning Early Years & Year 1

Miss E. Haynes - Leader of Learning Year 2 & Year 3

Mrs. O. Hassell - Leader of Learning Year 5 & Year 6

Mrs. K. Asplin - Bursar
Miss T. Fletcher - Office Support Manager
Mrs. J. Hayward - Clerical Assistant
Ms A. Cox - Clerical Assistant

Mr M. Wood - Sites and Buildings Manager
Mrs. W. Andrews - Inclusion Manager
Mrs. J. Liley - SENCO

Teachers on Moorland Road Site


Miss K. Edwards

Mrs. M. Fellows / Miss A. Stanford

Welcome to Reception

Year 1

Mr L. Morrissey

Miss R. Eustace

Welcome to Year 1

Year 2

Mr S. Bishop/Miss L. Percival

Miss E. Hayes

Welcome to Year 2

Teaching Assistants on Moorland Road Site

Miss H. Miles

Miss A. Palmer

Mrs. Z. Blundell

Mr M. Hughes

Ms M. Barfoot

Mrs. A. Gould

Mrs. K. Rotchell

Miss A. Griffiths

Miss J. Abberley

Teachers on Pye Green Road Site

Year 3

Miss C. Snape

Mr. P. Bayliss

Welcome to Year 3

Year 4

Miss R. Martland/Mrs. J. Liley

Miss V. Waterfield

Welcome to Year 4

Year 5

Miss E. Regan

Miss N. Jones

Welcome to Year 5

Year 6

Mrs. O. Hassall

Miss T. McHenry

Welcome to Year 6

PPA and Leadership Cover

Mrs. J. Liley (SENCO)
Mrs. C. Snowden (Deputy Headteacher)
Mrs. T. Astbury (HLTA)

Teaching Assistants on Pye Green Road Site

Miss C. Davis

Mrs. C. Sharrock

Mrs. M. Wortley

Mrs. K. McDonald

Mrs. K. Lees

Miss A. Hanson

Mrs. L. Brady

Miss N. Allen

Mrs. S. Ali

Mrs. J. Bate

Mrs. C. Ridgway

Mrs. C. Bates


Mrs. W. Andrews

Mr D. Roberts