Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Miss Haynes
(Teacher in 3EH)

Mrs. Scotchmer
(Teacher in 3LS/LP)

Miss Percival
(Teacher in 3LS/LP)

Mrs. Rotchell
(Teaching Assistant in 3EH)

Mr. Hughes
(Teaching Assistant in 3LS/LP)

Mr. Roberts
(Learning mentor)

Home Activities

Reading Please read with your child on a regular basis and comment in their reading diary.  This aids us in school by knowing what the children need to practise (fluency or comprehension).

Spelling Spellings can be accessed on the SpellingFrame website  Your child will be given a username and password and the spellings will be loaded every week to their account.  The children should play the games and practise the spellings, then towards the end of the week they will take the spelling test to assess their progress.  Please write in their reading record when they have played on SpellingFrame as dojo points will be awarded.

Maths Please reinforce times tables by using Times Table RockStars at home . The children will have a username and password for this and it is important that they practise several times a week.  We will begin with the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table initially.  If you need ideas for other ways to practise, please contact your class teacher.

Project We welcome any extra learning about our topic of ‘miners’.  You might want to create a fact file, a story, a model, an experiment, or even some research about our local area.  Anything that you create, we cannot wait to see!

Dojo will be used for year group and class messages, so please remember to regularly check the class stories section as well as the private message section. School stories are also used for whole school messages.


Indoor PE will be on Wednesdays and outdoor PE will be on Thursdays.  Please ensure that you child is wearing the correct PE uniform (black jogging bottoms/shorts, white t-shirt and a blue Moorhill hoody/school jumper on these days.

Themes & Topics


During the Autumn Term, we will travel back in time to the Stone Age for our topic ‘Meet the Flintstones’.

Children will use a range of sources, including archaeology, to establish an understanding of British history. They will be look at early settlements and how people used to live. There will be opportunities to explore the art of weaving.

Moorhill Miners Curriculum Map


‘Tomb Raiders’ is our topic for the Spring Term.

The children will travel (virtually) on the river Nile to find out why it has been so valuable to the Egyptians. They will be use atlases and maps and develop their geographical vocabulary. They will use a variety of resources, including the internet, to answer their questions, and they will create a moveable mummy.

Coming soon


Our Summer Term topic is ‘Rotten Romans’.

Click on the links to find out all about what we will be learning.

Rotten Romans Curriculum Map

Click on the links to find out more about our core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths.

Writing at MoorhillReading at Moorhill – Part 1Reading at Moorhill – Part 2Maths at Moorhill

If you have any queries or concerns about your child, please contact us via the contact form on this website or through Class Dojo, where we will be happy to help.