Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

In Year Three you will find:


Miss. E Haynes
Miss. R Martland/Mrs Scotchmer

If you have any queries or concerns about your child, please do contact us. If you want an informal chat we are available on the door every evening.

– Year 3 Team

Themes & Topics


During the Autumn Term, we will travel back in time to the Stone Age during our topic ‘Meet the Flintstones’. Children will use a range of sources, including archaeology, to establish an understanding of British history. They will be looking at early settlements and how people used to live. There will be opportunities to explore the art of weaving.


‘Tomb Raiders’ is the topic during the SpringTerm; the children will be travelling on the river Nile to find out why it has been so valuable to the Egyptians. Children will be using atlases and maps and developing their geographical vocabulary. They will use a variety of resources, including the internet, to answer their questions. They will create a moveable mummy.


Our Summer Term topic is ‘Moorhill Miners’ and children will be looking at how the mining industry affected the local area and the community. Starting the topic will include a visit by former miners who will share their experiences with the children. This visit will enable the children to interview and question the miners and gain first-hand experience of the mining community. Throughout the topic, the children will learn how mining played an important role in the local community.

More details will follow later. We would like the children to research mining in and around the local area and we would welcome any research notes, posters, pictures or even models that your child has worked on with you.

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