Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

In Year five you will find:

Mrs. A Clarke/Mrs. L Percival
Miss. N Jones

Themes & Topics


We will start the year by blasting off into the atmosphere to begin out space topic. We will be engaging with a variety of space themed texts both in Guided Reading and Literacy lessons, while continuing the Maths Mastery approach to mathematics.
Science features heavily within this topic: discovering how Ptolomy and Copernicus effected how we perceive the solar system as well as the various phases of the moon. In History we will be learning about the Space Race between Russia and America and in Geography we will be investigating the kinds of places that were chosen to be launch sites for famous missions into space. Our topic also includes a trip to the Space Centre.


After Christmas we will be travelling back in time to relive the Viking age. We will be finding out how they link to the Anglo Saxons and the Battle of Hastings, where the Vikings came from, why they came to Britain and their impact upon civilisation. Within Topic lessons, we will also be testing, designing, creating and evaluating, our own Viking long-ships using knowledge we have gained in science and art. In Literacy, we will explore myths and legends as well as ‘How to Train Your Dragon!’
This topic also includes a visit from a Viking specialist and many, many pieces of equipment. We will be listening to facts and stories from the period, as well as making and playing our own Viking games and learning how to defend ourselves in battle!


For the final term, Year 5 will be heading deep into the unknown and learning to ‘survive’! As the weather warms – hopefully- we will be able to explore many different survival challenges while showing great teamwork, communication and effort.
In Literacy, we will be examining Flannan’s Isle poem as well as using other stimuli to further improve our non-fiction, fiction and poetry writing. Within this Topic we will develop out History and Geography skills further, as we look into the race to the South Pole undertaken by Scott and Amundsen as well as the climate regions and how to best survive these.
Also this term usually includes a variety of high school visits to support your child’s choice for high school.

Supporting Your Child

  • Try to listen to your child read at least 3 times a week.
  • Help your child to practise their times tables up to 12 x 12. A pack of playing cards is great for this.

  • Please ensure that your child is up to date with their homework and they bring it in when it is due.
  • Make sure your child has a PE kit in school at all times.
  • Research their current topic with them at home. Discuss it over dinner!