Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

In Year six you will find:

Mrs. C Snowden/Mrs. C Jobburns
Miss. O Cooper

Themes & Topics


Our first topic is Cannock Chase. We will be exploring how our forest is used and considering whether wolves should be released into the wild! We will be looking at national parks and their impact on humans.


Our second topic is the Battle of Britain. We will be examining the causes and the impact of air raids on everyday life in the 1940s.


Our final topic is called Origin of the Species. We will be taking a step back in time, exploring evolution and the evidence for it. We will also explore prehistoric and unstable earth

If you have any questions, concerns or worries please come and speak to us as our door is always open.

– Year 6 Team

How You Can Help

Developing your child’s independence and preparing him/her for SATs and the transition to high school will be important this year, so supporting with homework and your child’s personal organisation is essential. Also, look out for the homework projects that we will be setting during each topic to enhance your child’s creative skills!

Regular times table practice up to twelve will enable your child to have an essential basic skill required when calculating within maths. Allow your child to make jottings when tackling maths calculations to develop logical thinking and working systematically. Guide your children through their thinking and encourage them to work through any difficulties.

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